20 February 2018

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Mr & mrs S. Guildford

This is a large detached Edwardian property: the brief was to create a large master bedroom in the loft space while designing the stair so that its impact on the first floor was minimal.

The completed conversion also included clothes storage, a study area and family shower room, built within the existing roofline.

There was an additional challenge - to complete the conversion within a very short timescale, before the arrival of overseas guests – and, yes we did!

“We know this was a complicated space to convert, but it has provided us with a lovely, light and airy bedroom and bathroom. Given the size of the task, we were impressed that it was completed so quickly.”

Our News:

  • 'the bitterness of poor quality endures long after the sweetness of low price'
  • 'Efficient,polite,friendly & professional' well thanks Colleen
  • Mr&Mrs W- Dorking- 'the workmanship is 5 star'- Great to hear!!
  • Congratulations Gemma on your new arrival to the family!!
  • 'finished with great attention to detail'...thanks Karen (Guildford)
  • We are delighted to welcome Chris' son Charles to the team; the 3rd Bonsey!
  • Mr H's quote 'your company shines as a beacon of excellence'- thanks Mr H
  • Looking forward to working with Mr & Mrs O'Cleary on their project in Teddington
  • 'It was a genuine pleasure having you in our home-we miss you!' Thanks Mrs B
  • 'their honesty & expertise was hugely appreciated', Thanks DR G
  • 'Every step of the way was managed&supported with professionalism & efficiency&'
  • 'Mummy, I love this room, its beautiful' enough said said Mrs C of Dorking
  • The company Mini is due to be sign written.
  • Chloe's puppy Molly is going to the groomer today...she hates it
  • Mr & Mrs G's conversion in Epsom will mark our 1,520 conversion
  • Looking forward to converting our 8th loft in The Hamptons for Mr&Mrs H!
  • Our work experience girl has been offered a place at Godalming, well done Katie